Burke Lakefront Airport, Gate #5

1601 N. Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH 44114, 440-225-2250

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The Aircraft
  Schweizer 300 CBi
Meticulously Maintained Equipped
 with GPS Equipment
FAA Certified
Available for Rent to Graduates ....
and cruises at 70-100 mph

Learn to Fly a Helicopter


If you ever thought of learning to fly, now is the time. Instruction available to students of all ages.  To see our youngest student, Click Here.


Available Ratings

  • Private Pilot

  • Instrument Rating

  • Commercial Pilot

  • Certified Flight Instructor - ( CFI )

  • Certified Flight Instrument Instructor - ( CFII )

  • Airline Transport Pilot - ( ATP )

  • Fixed-Wing "Add-On" Ratings*

* Airplane Pilots who already hold Private, Commercial, or CFI, CFII or ATP Ratings in fixed-wing aircraft can earn an "Add-On" Rating in a helicopter. Those pilots are not required to take additional FAA written exams and the minimum number to training hrs. required by the FAA is also Reduced.


Introductory Training
Your Training is designed so that you will learn to be a safe pilot, and still have fun.

Safety is the most important consideration at Precision Helicopter Services, not only during training, but afterwards and always. To insure your safety, strict operational procedures are stressed.

  • Pre-Flight Inspection

  • Discussion of Helicopter Aerodynamics

  • Flight Controls

  • Hands-On Dual Training Flight that you can log as your first Dual Instruction in a Rotary-Wing Aircraft

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