Burke Lakefront Airport, Gate #5

1601 N. Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH 44114, 440-225-2250



The Sky's the Limit for Activities in a Helicopter.

Each activity is unique and exciting. Helicopters have many uses for both business and personal activities. Here are some of the things we do:

Flight Instruction for all levels of training.

Helicopter Rides are a great year-round activity for individuals or groups of any age.

Aerial Inspection of Power Lines and Railroad Tracks, Real Estate, Emergencies. etc.

Photography Flights are popular with both professional and amateur photographers.
These flights are used for business, fun or to assess damages in emergency situations.

Both Still and Video Filming operations are carried out year-round.

Powerboat Races are flown by Precision Helicopter and are shown on ESPN, Sports Channel and SpeedVision.

Corporate and private charters.

Unusual Requests
are always welcome.

Here is a picture taken when we hovered for several hours over the grass at Blossom Music Center to dry it before a concert.